Pay with Insurance

Automate Healthcare Reimbursements With Binkey

Pay with Insurance

Automate Healthcare Reimbursements with Binkey

Don’t let a clunky reimbursement process discourage customers from spending health savings dollars at your store. Automate healthcare reimbursements for your customers with Binkey.

Enjoy The Benefits of Binkey’s Automated Reimbursement Process

Improve your customers’ post-purchase experience by seamlessly handling the reimbursement process for them. By helping customers to save time filing claims and receiving funds, your store will become their first choice for making health purchases.

Make Paying with Insurance Easier for Customers

Make it easier for customers to get reimbursed for eligible purchases at your business. Identify eligible health products, automatically process claims, and provide a better post-purchase experience with our easy-to-install technology.


Customers struggle to quickly identify FSA/HSA-eligible products.

Before spending health savings dollars at your store, customers have to locate and thumb through an IRS-provided list of HSA/FSA-eligible products.


Identify eligible products for them online.

Automatically identify and categorize health benefit-eligible products for your customers with Binkey’s proprietary item-level authentication platform.


Filing insurance claims is painstaking for customers.

Locating receipts, submitting claims, and receiving reimbursements for health purchases is time-consuming.


Automatically process healthcare claims with Binkey.

Customers can receive funds within one to two days and avoid having their credit card transactions blocked with automated reimbursements and immediate filing for health benefits.

Ready to Get Started?

Our white-glove onboarding process will seamlessly integrate Binkey’s billing, reimbursement, and disbursement platform with your e-commerce store.

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