Empowering Millions to Save Billions of Dollars on Better Health


Empowering Millions to Save Billions on Health

At Binkey, our ultimate goal is to make it easier for people to pay for and afford healthcare. We believe in helping individuals and businesses invest proactively in their health.

Why Binkey Was Created

Out-of-Pocket Health Expenses
That's how much nearly 300 million Americans spend each year.
Of FSA Owners Lose Their Money
Millions of FSA holders forfeit hundreds to thousands of dollars in unused funds each year.
Of Americans will delay care
In a recent survey by Mercer, 40% of Americans said they will delay care because of the cost of care.
Further with FSA/HSA Funds
Tax-advantaged accounts like FSAs and HSAs offer big savings on healthcare expenses.

Our Core Values


Working with you helps us work better for you. We make sure to involve our customers, partners, and other stakeholders in our quest to create effective solutions. We demonstrate an unmatched work ethic, passion and energy. We do extra, so our customers can rest assured.


We never cut corners in our mission to help provide honest healthcare. You can trust Binkey to have your back. We are dedicated to simple things - being on time, coachable, and prepared.


We are committed to being up-front and open in all of our processes. Clear, forthright communication is our priority. We are intentional about delivering state-of-the-art technology.

Systemic Thinking

Always thinking three steps ahead is our standard. We problem-solve upstream to ensure a seamless customer experience.


We push ourselves to be at the cutting edge of helping individuals and businesses with solutions in healthcare.

Our Story

Binkey was created from our first-hand experience navigating healthcare and balancing the cost of care. The financial burden of health is oftentimes overlooked. Binkey was started to unlock the future of savings and payments for the healthcare consumer and patients.

We are a unique group of individuals who are deeply passionate about improving the intersection of healthcare and financial wellness for patients and consumers in the US. Our team consists of children of aging parents with complex conditions, cancer survivors, healthcare consumers, parents, and much more. For many of us, FSA/HSA dollars have played a critical role in saving on health expenses.