What We Do

Analyze your users' past purchases and identify items eligible for reimbursement
Automate the process of filing the reimbursement claims on behalf of customers
Facilitate the deposit of the reimbursement amount directly into an account of their choosing
Estimate how much to allocate to FSA for next year based on historical spend

What People are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, hear what Binkey Rewind users are saying, and
how much they are getting back from their FSA
Thank you, Binkey Rewind for helping me put more money in my wallet this month! I couldn’t have been happier to have the extra cash.
$182 Saved
Every year, I forget to file a claim for reimbursement from my FSA. Binkey Rewind automated getting money for my past purchases and expanded my budget this month.
$305 Saved
Binkey Rewind was very easy to use and found past purchases I had forgotten about. Glad they were able to help me get money back before I spent on things I didn’t need.
$475 Saved
Will be using this service again. Not only did they help me get money back, they also helped me figure out how much to put in my account next year. Thank you Binkey Rewind.
$225 Saved

Security is our priority

Third-party vaulting &

We securely store sensitive data using a third-party vaulting and encryption service.

Secure data storage and hosting

We host our servers using a secure online data storage and hosting service that is used by many federal departments.

Network Firewalls

We ensure a secure platform with several network firewalls to protect from bad actors.

No data sharing

Customer data is only used for Binkey's services. The data on our servers is not accessible to or used by any other party.

Frequently asked Questions

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What is Binkey Rewind?

Binkey Rewind is a low-code, embedded widget that enables fintechs and financial institutions to offer a simple way for customers to get their money back for past FSA-eligible purchases (where a form of payment other than an FSA was used to pay).

What does it take to integrate Binkey Rewind into my application?

Simply add a call to action and URL into your application. When the call to action is clicked, Binkey Rewind will expose a simple iFrame to collect information and initiate the flow.

Does Binkey support HSA plans reimbursements?

Yes, Binkey supports HSA plan reimbursements for a limited set of plans for now, and is actively expanding into other plans.

Can we customize the reimbursement payout method?

Yes, you are able to customize payout methods. If you are a bank, you can incentivize users to select or open an account with your bank.

Will my users have the opportunity to delete their data?

Yes, users can delete their data. If a user wishes to close their account and delete all of the data associated with the account, including all data sourced from third-party sites, they should email deletemyrewinddata@binkey.com. Please note that requests to delete user accounts and data are irreversible.

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