Pay with FSA/HSA

Accept FSA/HSA Funds at Checkout with Binkey

Pay with FSA/HSA

Accept FSA/HSA Funds at Checkout with Binkey

Binkey allows your business to accept FSA/HSA funds at checkout to make spending health savings dollars easier for your customers.

The Benefits of Binkey

Increase Your Revenue

Open up your business to billions of FSA/HSA dollars by making it easier for customers to instantly pay with health savings funds.

Reduce Credit Card Decline Rates

Produce an IIAS Certificate of Eligibility and send it directly to the credit card company, decreasing decline rates.

Facilitate all Types of Payments

Provide flexibility at checkout by allowing customers to effortlessly pay for both eligible and ineligible products with split tender or simply use their credit card and be reimbursed easily.

Delight Your Customers

Make it easy for your customers to identify eligible health products and pay with FSA/HSA funds online. Improve the checkout and post-purchase experiences with autosubstantiation at the POS to win over customers for good.

Make FSA/HSA Payments Easier for Your Customers

Make it easier for customers to spend FSA/HSA dollars at your business. Identify and sell eligible health products with easy-to-install technology that works no matter the size of your organization.


Customers struggle to quickly identify FSA/HSA-eligible products.

Before spending health savings dollars at your store, customers have to locate and go through an IRS guidelines for FSA/HSA-eligible products.


Identify eligible products for them online.

Automatically identify and categorize health benefit-eligible products for your customers with Binkey’s proprietary item-level authentication platform.


Most merchants can’t accept FSA/HSA payments at checkout.

Many online healthcare vendors don’t have a way to instantly accept payments from health savings accounts.


Automatically process healthcare claims with Binkey.

Securely authenticate and process online FSA/HSA transactions and save time filing paperwork by using the only end-to-end, IRS-compliant payment processor.

Ready to Get Started?

Our white-glove onboarding process will seamlessly integrate Binkey’s billing, reimbursement, and disbursement platform with your e-commerce store.

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